Suitable for electrical equipment that is suitable for using Power Strip Moo Moo Mould Company

power strip mould company

I know very well for the sockets. There are two holes in the normal sockets and three holes. Today, the Editor's editor of Gaosen Special Network came to take everyone to see the power of this power strip mould company.

01 Electric Equipment of Plastic Shell

For example: refrigerator, range hood, etc. When the plastic shell machine is generated, the shell is induced, but because the ground line and the ground of the socket are connected, the potential difference between the case becomes zero, so that even if it is touched Essence

02 Electric equipment related to water

For example: kitchen treasure, electric water heater, etc. The same basic principle, when the power is generated, the current will be based on the ground line instead of the zero line, so it is not easy to connect to the body according to water.

03 Electronic equipment with high power

For example: notebook, desktop computer, etc. Electronic equipment generally stipulates AC power. According to the power transformer, the blood pressure of the home installation AC current rectifier can be turned into a DC, but the power transformer connecting the power network will cause harmonic current and electromagnetic harassment. Electronic devices with large output power, the momentum of electromagnetic harassment is very large. It can be filtered out of the harmonic current and its electromagnetic harassment by relying on the ground wire to rely on the ground wire.

power strip mould company


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