Is the 2.1mm OV6946M camera module used for surgery?

2.1mm OV6946M camera module

Is the 2.1mm OV6946M camera module needed for surgery? There are some options for gynecological surgery. Gynecology uses the 2.1mm OV6946M camera module for surgery only to make 3-4 small incisions of 0.5-2cm in the abdomen as instruments and endoscopic channels. The operator is connected with the endoscope and guides the surgical operation through the video images collected by the endoscope, and completes the operation and diagnosis of various uterine, ovary, fallopian tube and pelvic diseases. No laparotomy, less trauma, less bleeding, short time, easy recovery, good effect, especially no trace of abdominal surgery.

Is the 2.1mm OV6946M camera module used for surgery?

Using the 2.1mm OV6946M camera module for surgery is more effective than laparotomy. In traditional surgery, the abdominal cavity needs to be opened, and the operator's hand, traditional surgical instruments, gauze, gauze, etc. must enter it, which greatly interferes with abdominal organs such as the gastrointestinal tract, causes much bleeding during the operation, and slows recovery. In addition, fasting before and after surgery, bed rest after surgery, long suture removal time, and obvious incision marks after surgery will affect the appearance. Laparoscopic surgery overcomes the shortcomings of traditional open surgery, such as heavy bleeding, complications, and slow recovery. Generally, you can get out of bed 6 hours after the operation, and you can be discharged in 3-4 days. The hospitalization time of the patient is greatly shortened, and the accompanying time and cost of the patient's family members are saved.

2.1mm OV6946M camera module features for surgery

1. The surgical trauma is small, the postoperative pain is mild, and painkillers are generally not required, which is more beneficial for nulliparous women.

2. It is easy to recover after surgery. You can eat semi-liquid food and get out of bed the next day after surgery. Generally, you can be discharged from the hospital 3 days after surgery, and you can return to normal life and work after 1 week.

3. No obvious marks left on the abdomen. The traditional surgical marks are long lines, which affect the appearance, while laparoscopic surgery basically leaves no traces, which is especially suitable for women's needs.

4. The hospital stay is short, and the cost is not significantly increased compared with traditional surgery, and some surgeries even reduce the cost.

5. Fewer surgical complications, generally no adverse complications such as intestinal adhesions.

The equipment of the 2.1mm OV6946M camera module mainly includes a camera imaging system (including endoscope, camera, camera, cable, screen display, cold light source and optical cable), artificial pneumoperitoneum system, flushing and attracting system, electrocoagulation and electric cutting system, etc. Once the parameters of each instrument in laparoscopic surgery are set, there is generally no need to change. The sequence of starting the laparoscope should follow the following sequence: pneumoperitoneum machine - high-frequency electrosurgical knife - monitor - camera - cold light source, and the shutdown sequence is the opposite.

2.1mm OV6946M camera module


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