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The update for New World that was known as Brimstone Sands was released in October 2022 with the purpose of resolving a significant number of the issues that players had been complaining about

The update for New World that was known as Brimstone Sands was released in October 2022 with the purpose of resolving a significant number of the issues that players had been complaining about. It is one of the largest regions in all of Aeternum due to the fact that its total area is greater than two and a half times that of Everfall's. Everfall is the most extensive region that Aeternum has to offer.

The players' overall gaming experience will be improved while they are in New World as a result of the fact that they will have the opportunity to unlock a significant amount of brand-new narrative content within the confines of this brand-new zone. The 19th Legion of the Roman Empire will be encountered by the players at some point while they are venturing into this new territory as part of their exploration. The members of this legion have taken it upon themselves to avenge their fallen comrades and restore the Roman Empire to its former glory. If you give careful consideration to these recommendations, you'll find that a lot of the processes run much more smoothly.

Have Gear Leveled Over 600
After the player has reached level 60, which is the minimum level required to enter the Brimstone Sands Zone, the player's equipment should ideally all have a level of 500 each. If the player does not have all of their equipment at level 500, they will not be able to enter the zone. On the other hand, they will want to improve this gear score even further before venturing into this region so that they can be better prepared for whatever challenges they may face there.

Since getting a score of at least 600 points has been demonstrated to be the most effective strategy, you should work toward achieving this goal. In contrast, when a player uses an Epic, they will only receive two benefits, but when they use a Legendary, they will receive all three benefits.

Figure out a way to decipher the runes on the Heartgem.
The primary story quest will become the player's primary focus as soon as they enter the Brimstone Sands Zone, and they will be required to keep this focus in order to progress further into the zone. As a result of the update, they have gained the ability to unlock the Heartgem Runes, which are a brand new component of the game. This procedure will require some time to complete.

Upgrade Critical Trade Skills
Prior to entering the Brimstone Sands Zone, the player will be required to level up two significant trade skills in order to qualify for entry. This is a requirement in order to enter the zone. Before you can proceed, you have to raise both your Stonecutting and Weaponsmithing levels to at least 180. This is a prerequisite for the next step.

For example, if a player wants to make the actual Runeglass Case component, they will need to have a Weaponsmithing skill level of 180. The game stipulates that this must be done before continuing. When it comes time to make their Runeglass Gem, they will need to have a Stonecutting skill of at least 180 in order to be able to assemble all of the necessary components. Failing to do so will result in them being unable to make their Runeglass Gem.

If it is in any way possible, you should have your farm produce a significant amount of brimstone.
Brimstone was a brand new type of resource that became available to players after the rollout of this update, which gave them access to it. If the player decides to mine it, they will be able to obtain sulfur chunks from it. This will be possible only if they choose to mine it. The utilization of an amount that is comparable to five of these chunks is necessary in order to produce a single chunk of sulfur. In addition to that, it can be utilized in the manufacturing of potions and ancient coatings; however, at this point, the priority should be placed on stocking up for the manufacturing of new items.

Bear in Mind at All Times to Take Advantage of the Many Convenient Travel Points
The player should make it a top priority while adventuring through Brimstone Sands to find and collect all of the various fast-travel points that are spread out across the zone. These points can be found in various locations. They should make it a point to deviate off their path toward it whenever they are close to one in order to ensure that they get all of the points, regardless of whether they are just adventuring or following the main story quest. This is the only way to guarantee that they will get all of the points. This is the only way to ensure that they will receive every point that is available to them. Because the Brimstone Sands cover such a large area, the player won't have nearly as much trouble navigating through them as they might anticipate. This is because the sands are spread out over such a wide area. They will not have to engage in combat as they make their way back through the zone because they will have the option to take a path that leads them directly to their objective. This will allow them to avoid encountering any hostile forces along the way.


Participate in the many different optional quests that are available.
As the main story quest is completed, the player will find themselves presented with opportunities for additional side quests. These optional quests will almost always be located in the same area as the primary story quest, or they will head in a direction that is roughly parallel to it. They not only provide the player with excellent rewards, but they also provide the player with a more in-depth look into the lore of some of the characters and locations that can be found in Brimstone Sands. There are many different kinds of loot that can be found in this area. Runeglasses and Umbral Shards are just two examples of the many different kinds of loot that can be found here. They will stock up on the materials that are required for the production of runeglasses and heartgems, which will give them an advantage over other players when it comes to acquiring these new items. These materials are required for the production of runeglasses and heartgems. Runeglasses and heartgems can't be made without these components, so you'll need to get your hands on them.

Find Some New Sources Of Material And Get Your Hands On Them. In addition to some of the game's more traditional collectibles, such as herbs and silkweed, the player can now also collect sandstone and cactus as part of their adventure through the world. They will need to collect as many of the new materials as they can while they are adventuring through Brimstone Sands so that they can use them later on in the crafting process. It is imperative that they do this so that they do not miss out on any opportunities. In addition to that, a brand-new item known as a Wooden Coin was put into circulation shortly after it was introduced. The production of Heartgems and Runeglasses both require it, and while it is not unique to Brimstone Sands, it is necessary for their creation.


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