The top and most accessible players to trade for in Madden 23

Is it time to strengthen your team by acquiring some impact players who are currently available on the trade market?In "Madden NFL 23," the game's trade market has, at long last, seen the introduction of a few intriguing new players

Is it time to strengthen your team by acquiring some impact players who are currently available on the trade market?

In "Madden NFL 23," the game's trade market has, at long last, seen the introduction of a few intriguing new players. To begin, users can now locate deals for any incoming or outgoing asset by using a trade finder. This tool is available. It appears that the most recent installment of the illustrious Madden franchise has made transactions a great deal more true to life. This comes after years of criticism from the gaming community. Having said that, my research indicates that there are still players available at prices below the market value.


The following players are recommended for acquisition via trade in Madden 23:


1. WR for the Seattle Seahawks, either Tyler Lockett or D

2.  K

3.  Metcalf; they were picked 90th and 89th overall, respectively

Both of the Seattle Seahawks receivers would represent a significant step up for any of the other 31 teams and are viable trade targets due to their low combined salary. Lockett was awarded one higher overall but can be obtained for less due to his age (29 vs. 24 years old), which is contrary to what the majority of fans would expect to happen in this situation.

Deebo Samuel, WR, San Francisco 49ers — 89 overall

Because of Samuel's ability to play a variety of positions and his electric play, there is no doubt that he will be one of the first players sought after in franchise mode. Users of Madden 23 will, thankfully, discover that his price is reasonable for the product. The best way to convince the San Francisco 49ers to make a deal is to present them with an offer that includes two interior linemen of high caliber.

On the current market, there is an abundance of receivers that have a fair value. Additionally, the Atlanta Falcons' Calvin Ridley (ranked 86th overall), the Tennessee Titans' Robert Woods (ranked 86th), the Dallas Cowboys' CeeDee Lamb (ranked 85th), and the Indianapolis Colts' Michael Pittman are all quality trade targets who are currently being traded for less than their market value.

Xavien Howard, cornerback for the Miami Dolphins and the 89th overall pick

When it comes to strengthening a secondary in Madden 23, Howard is the best player to use. This legitimate lockdown corner is 29 years old and has the superstar development trait of the Miami Dolphins. He has the potential to lead the NFL in interceptions on a yearly basis. You can have him for the price of two veteran offensive linemen with an average position in the league or an amount of equivalent value.

Other members of the secondary who could be obtained through a trade include Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs (84), Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters (82), Carolina Panthers safety Jeremy Chinn (82) and Byron Jones (87), who is Howard's teammate.

Micah Parsons, Right Outside Linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys (No. 88 overall)

On this list, Parsons is the most desirable trade candidate. It is possible to acquire the superstar, who is currently 23 years old, in exchange for two strong offensive linemen. On the defensive side of the ball, he is a versatile player who is capable of making an immediate impact and thriving in virtually any role or position. If you follow any of the advice on this list, you should immediately make a deal for Parsons.

Maxx Crosby (87), an outside linebacker for the Las Vegas Raiders, is another worthwhile pass rusher to invest in because he is easier to acquire through trade.

88 overall pick Joe Thuney, guard for the Kansas City Chiefs;

The 29-year-old star development guard is a surprisingly easy interior lineman to acquire. He has been with the team for five seasons. Given his athleticism, Thuney is capable of excelling in each of the five positions on the offensive line and would be an asset to every single offense in the league.

After several years of being able to simply take Quenton Nelson away from the Colts for essentially nothing, the Madden 23 developers undoubtedly made the decision to price interior linemen appropriately. Nevertheless, there are a few more affordable choices that are well worth the investment to strengthen any line. It is not difficult to get your hands on left guard Joel Bitonio (90), center Frank Ragnow (87), and right guard Brandon Scherff (87) from the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, and Jacksonville Jaguars, respectively.

Ezekiel Elliott, running back for the Dallas Cowboys, was selected 88th overall.

Historically speaking, running backs have been relatively simple to trade for in Madden. It would appear that the people responsible for developing the most recent version spent some time getting the value of the position exactly right. Players like the Panthers' Christian McCaffrey and the Colts' Jonathan Taylor are not viable targets, but Elliott is attainable through a trade because of his low price.

If you would rather have Josh Jacobs (87) of the Raiders or Saquon Barkey (86) of the New York Giants instead of Dak Prescott, or if you are having trouble reaching an agreement with the Cowboys, you can easily trade for either of those two players. You could also use a list of the quickest running backs in Madden 23 to find some cheap gems to develop in franchise mode. This would be an alternative way to go about things.

Laremy Tunsil, left tackle for the Houston Texans, was selected 88th overall.

Tunsil is only 28 years old but has already established himself as a franchise tackle. He can be obtained for a couple of quality players. In the midst of their ongoing rebuild, the Texans do not have a large roster full of players who would be worth trading for, but Tunsil is without a doubt one of those players. 

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