As one of Steam's most popular games Lost Ark is celebrating its first year anniversary this week

Amazon Games brought the Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Lost Ark, which was developed by Smilegate and initially released in Korea two years prior, to the western market a little over a year ago

Amazon Games brought the Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Lost Ark, which was developed by Smilegate and initially released in Korea two years prior, to the western market a little over a year ago. It rose to the top of the charts on Steam and received glowing reviews from gaming experts almost immediately after its release, becoming one of the most popular massively multiplayer online games in the process. The fact that the game reached 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam in its first 24 hours after launch and ultimately became the second-highest played game of all time on the platform surprised both the team at Amazon Games and the team at Valve Corporation, which developed the game. According to Soomin Park, the Franchise Leader for Amazon Games, who spoke with GLHF, the success of the game can be attributed to its high levels of polish, as well as a robust gameplay loop and a variety of content types for each and every type of player."Thanks to Smilegate's investment of over three years into maturing the game in live service, we had a strong starting point as we localized the game for the west," said Park. "We had a strong starting point as we localized the game for the west.
屏幕截图 2023-03-08 173905.png""On top of that, the quantity of polish and iteration that was poured into Lost Ark as a result of feedback from players all over the world cannot be overstated,"According to Park, the development team had high expectations for Lost Ark before it was released, but the reception the game received from players was completely unexpected. The game has attracted a fan base of ardent and devoted followers who are not afraid to voice their opinions about what they enjoy and what they do not enjoy about the game. On the surface, this may appear to be a drawback, but according to Park, the player feedback Amazon receives is what helps the company improve the game and keep it relevant. He also claims that the community for the game has gone above and beyond in sharing their passion for it, with fans continually sharing incredible cosplay, artwork, and other creations related to the game. The level of commitment that some players have to the game is demonstrated by the fact that they have even begun compiling comprehensive strategy guides and explanations of the game's various mechanics to assist newcomers and make the game more accessible.


Park stated that "We've seen so much great content produced by our fans since launch," and that "We're truly humbled to be a part of something so many players around the world love so much," adding that "We're grateful for their passion and dedication to the game


  1. "Amazon Games has invested a significant amount of time and effort into making certain that the western release of Lost Ark is the definitive version of the game and is not simply a translation of the original Korean version

  2. According to Park, the modification that was made to the game's monetization structure was done so that it would "be more in line with what western players are used to

  3. " This is one significant change that has undoubtedly helped keep players retained, and Park says that the change was made

  4. In addition, the team at Amazon expanded the variety of options available for character creation and added brand new content, such as the Arktoberfest festival, that is exclusive to the western version of the game

  5. In addition, the group made efforts to enhance the experience that is provided to new players; however, Park acknowledges that there is still room for improvement in this regard

"We are constantly gathering feedback from players and working with Smilegate on ways to improve the player experience, and this includes the early game," said Park. "We are excited to announce that we will be releasing a new game in the near future.""It is true that as the game enters its second year of live service, new users are feeling the pressure to catch up with the enormous amount of high-level content that has already been created," the author writes. It has been stated by Park that the game features "unique mechanisms," such as Power Pass and Hyper Express, that can assist players who are new to the game in rapidly catching up and experiencing new content. However, it has also been stated that the onboarding experience will continue to undergo development and enhancement. Amazon Games has high hopes that as the game enters its second year, they will be able to increase the amount of content that is currently available and bring it more in line with the Korean version of the game. Players will soon have the opportunity to investigate new continents, as well as new classes, raids, and updates to the game's narrative.

Park also mentions that there will be an entirely new chapter added to the story of the game, and that the previous story will wrap up its narrative thread in order to make way for the new one that will be added. Amazon Games has "nothing to share" about whether or not console players will be able to experience Lost Ark in the near future, but Park emphasized that the company is always listening to customer feedback and does its best to deliver what players want to see from the game. As Lost Ark enters its second year of operation, the game is certain to become larger and more impressive than it has ever been. The game will build on its strong foundation while attracting new players with exciting new updates and features. As the game approaches its first birthday, it will be holding a series of special events throughout the month, during which players will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes and receive a number of birthday presents simply for logging in. In addition to that, there will be a unique Fever-Time event, a Twitch drop celebrating the channel's first anniversary, and a great deal more.

Players can access Lost Ark on Steam at no cost right now, and in order to get a head start on their journey, they have the option to buy one of three different starter packs at varying price points. 


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