Why should you choose Remy natural hair for your wig and extension products instead of other types of

Remy quality hair prostheses and natural hair wigs can be differentiated from one another by the use of hair that is made entirely of human hair, by the retention of the cuticle, and by the direction of the cuticle, which imitates the natural direction of the cuticle on human hair by movin

Remy quality hair prostheses and natural hair wigs can be differentiated from one another by the use of hair that is made entirely of human hair, by the retention of the cuticle, and by the direction of the cuticle, which imitates the natural direction of the cuticle on human hair by moving, in a downward direction, from the roots to the ends of the strands of hair. These characteristics set them apart from synthetic hair prostheses and wigs.


This definition does not convey the significance of the term or the unique value that Remy quality wigs provide in comparison to those that do not contain the term when it is read for the first time. Moreover, the definition does not convey the unique value that Remy quality wigs provide. As can be seen from the information that has been presented in this post, the distinctions between the two are quite significant.



The cuticles of each strand in a piece of 100% Remy hair fall in the same direction as the cuticles of human hair, which is a downward direction. This is the only way that the hair can be classified as "Remy."This is the defining quality of hair that is considered to be Remy. This indicates that there is no tangling, and as a consequence, the piece does not sustain damage whenever it is acted upon, such as when it is combed. For example:

Because it has been processed, the lifespan of a piece of processed hair is significantly shorter than that of a piece of hair that is made from 100% natural Remy hair. Because the wig or hair prosthesis will maintain its body and the ideal shape for which it was conceived, and most importantly, it will achieve that feeling of naturalness that every person struggling with an alopecia problem is looking for, the aesthetic aspect is also improved.

Aesthetics and the emotional experience of the client are both important considerations in the field of hair prosthetics, which is why both must be taken into account. Imagine having to interact with other people on a daily basis as part of a routine activity such as going to work, doing the grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, or any of the other myriad of activities that fall into this category. In a nutshell, we are cultivating relationships with other people whenever we engage in any kind of social activity. We are crossing our fingers that no one will be able to tell whether I am wearing a wig or some other type of hair prosthesis. We are hoping that no one will be able to tell.

Because a genuine smile and a happy look come from the inside, we make it very clear to our clients at the Carmen Olmedo center that they need to feel comfortable in their own skin. This is because a genuine smile and a happy look originate from the inside. And for us to be successful in this endeavor, we need to make sure that the product we sell is of the highest quality that we are capable of producing, which is known as 100% Remy quality.

WHAT KIND OF RESULTS SHOULD I Anticipate If I Do Not Make Use Of Remy Hair?
An example that has nothing to do with hair care but which is very illustrative of what this post is trying to convey and which will be very helpful in better comprehending all of this is as follows:

Let's say there is a road that is relatively wide but not marked, and the driver of each vehicle is free to navigate it however he or she sees fit, which means that they can go in either direction and simultaneously on the left, the center, or the right side of the road. Because every option is unique, there is no set of guidelines that should be followed. As a direct result of the mayhem that is caused by this, there will almost certainly be a significant increase in the number of automobile collisions. This will almost certainly be the case.

If a hair's cuticles are not aligned in a uniform manner and are instead arranged in a random pattern, then that hair cannot be considered to be of the high-quality Remy variety. The result of all of this jamming is nothing more than the production of an enormous number of tangles, which, in the end, will lead to accidents, which, in this case, are the breaking of the hair and the deterioration of the piece.

Regrettably, only a very limited number of hair salons offer Remy hair because, as might be anticipated, the price of this type of hair is quite a bit higher than the price of other types of hair. Finding a flashy promotion that will result in a sale is the key to success in this situation. Ignoring what the actual needs of the customer are and focusing instead on finding a promotion that will result in a sale is the key to success.

If it were explained to the customer that a piece of natural hair made from 100% Remy hair will last longer, is more aesthetically pleasing, and that it will provide that feeling of naturalness that you will not get with a piece of processed hair, then the vast majority of customers would choose this option because of its higher quality. The evidence can be found in our Carmen Olmedo center, where our customers leave with their prosthesis or wig made of natural Remy hair in 100% of the strands. This is the proof that our company provides.

A customer may not be familiar with many of the topics that have been discussed in this post when they first become our customer. Nevertheless, at this point, the professional ethics of each center come into play, and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each of their products, including those of the other centers. We would like to emphasize once more that a center of postica functions effectively on both the aesthetic and emotional levels.

In some instances, we have also provided our services to clients who had previously used a piece that, on paper, was of Remy quality but, in practice, was not of Remy quality. This has occurred both in the United States and internationally. I'll show you a trick so that you won't be fooled by any of the others, and I guarantee you won't fall for any of them.

It has been demonstrated that hair on humans grows from the scalp downwards. The direction of the cuticle can be determined by rubbing a lock of hair with your finger in an ascending order and observing whether the hair continues to follow the finger after the rubbing. In that case, the cuticle is moving in the opposite direction, not the one that indicates that it is shedding. This eliminates any possibility of classifying the hair as Remy.

You can always count on finding hair prostheses and wigs made with 100% Remy natural hair when you come to our center in Carmen Olmedo, and more importantly, you can always count on receiving an honest and sincere explanation of everything you require. We believe that in order for each customer to be able to make the decision that they feel is the most appropriate, they should be given as much information as is possible and have any questions that they might have answered. This will allow the customer to make the choice that they feel is the most appropriate. 


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