Dark and Darker lawyers fire back at Nexon

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There's also some genuinely joyous reminiscing going on Dark And Darker Gold, which quite frankly may be my favorite part of the whole thing:

The latest Dark and Darker playtest is live now and free to join (as long as you can figure out the torrent). At last check, it was expected to run until April 19, after which I suppose we're back to waiting and seeing how this whole Ironmace/Nexon lawsuit shakes out.

Dark and Darker lawyers fire back at Nexon: 'nothing more than anti-competitive bully tactics designed to put a small indie firm out of business'

After months of relative silence, Ironmace has issued a full-throated response to Nexon's copyright claims as it asks Valve to restore Dark and Darker to Steam.

Dark and Darker developer Ironmace may be the "punk hero of PC gaming" right now, but it's also making some power moves in the strait-laced chambers of the law. The studio has now fired back at Nexon with a full-throated defense of its game, saying that Nexon is just mad that some of its former employees have struck out on their own.

It's been a hell of a ride for Dark and Darker, which blew up on Steam earlier this year but then became embroiled in a legal beef with Nexon, which accused the studio of using stolen code and assets to make the game. A DMCA claim in March forced the game from Steam, so Ironmace went "old school" and distributed a promised April playtest build via torrent.

But now Ironmace is pushing back. In a letter to Valve sent on behalf of the studio, legal firm Greenberg Glusker said that Nexon has no legal basis to force Dark and Darker off of Steam, and that its claims "are nothing more than anti-competitive bully tactics designed to put a small indie firm out of business."

Nexon's claims against Dark and Darker center on allegations that it uses code and assets stolen from a project revealed in 2021 as P3. The concept for P3 was eventually abandoned in favor of a more conventional survival game design cheap Dark And Darker Gold Coins, which is roughly when Ironmace was founded. Early screens from P3 do bear obvious similarities to Dark and Darker, but Ironmace's lawyer says that's irrelevant, because P3 is "a game that Nexon never made and which does not exist."


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